are endless

Engagement options include:

Virtual Retreats

10 session online retreats that rapidly transform your way of perception, knowing and identity.

Ongoing Support

One-on-one consultations with Conscious Accelerator founders and external faculty..

Invaluable Resources

Courses and resources from our partners at Raising Our Vibration, Heartmind and The Clearmind Way.

Like-minded Experience

Weekly conscious conversations with other Enlightened Leaders to explore topics, conduct conscious conversations on how to co-create an enlightened world together.

For Who?

Open to all Leaders, Founders and Humans looking to awaken to a new way of being that is unlimited, creative and resilient without suffering.

Senior Executives

who desire to inspire our world through their enlightened leadership


seeking to effect a transformation in the groups they lead — work, family and community.


Looking for an innovative, inspired and transformational approach to scaling and retaining customers and talent.

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