Enlightened Self

This groundbreaking course aims to blend mind training techniques carefully with leadership training, to guide you into the direct experience of Enlightened Leadership.


Individuals face an increasingly chaotic and challenging world with shifting external events and uncertainty at every turn.

This groundbreaking course aims to blend mind training techniques carefully with leadership training, to guide students into the concept of Enlightened Self. We do this by combining ancient wisdom with modern science and teach students secular methods for taming their mind and accessing the stability, peace and calm happiness of luminous awareness accompanied by leadership training and discovery.

Program Objectives

In this novel 10-week experiential learning course, we guide you on a journey of the mind and consciousness–a journey that they have quite likely never taken before. Together we work with students to explore the mysterious and uncharted inner world and its relationship to perception and external objects and to discover the ground of their own consciousness.

Through interoception and curious observation, we lay the foundation for what it would be like for leaders to operate from this baseline of an expanded view of awareness. Individuals share their personal life experiences of leadership and identify the qualities of leadership within themselves and others. We set the stage for deeper exploration of awareness in future sessions.

Program Modules

The course format is 10 modules of 1 hour, 15 minutes each. Overview descriptions of each module are described below.

Setting a baseline of leadership awareness

In this module, we open the program by introducing you to the direct experience of awakened awareness through guided experiences. In a series of short glimpses, students learn to shift their awareness both inside and outside the body and discover the ground of being in awareness.


We continue our exploration of leadership and specifically the concept of “liberated” leadership.Through guided glimpses into colour, shape and form, we explore personal intuition and its relationship to awareness. . We examine what is needed both personally and globally to awaken to a new kind of inclusive, diverse and leadership model that more conscious and “awake.” 

Curious Observation

In this module, we use curious observation to explore perception and its relationship to consciousness and the mind. We work with students in an inquiry-based approach to explore the innate natural essence of the mind and the unfindability of identity.

Through this exploration, we help students begin to understand how they create a “view” from the typical perspective of ordinary mind and that this view indeed can be shifted and is much less fixed than it appears. We focus on the power of curious observation to shift perspectives.


Energy drives everything we do as human beings, yet factors that drive energy (e.g. sleep, nutrition, movement, social media and study habits) usually aren’t presented to students in a holistic way. In this module, we discuss energy from this alternate view of what gives or depletes students’ energy and how they relate to becoming successful leaders. We then lead short guided meditations to deeply explore and inquire into energy within the body.

Illumination of and Investigation into Obstacles

In this module we discuss life’s obstacles and stresses and how they can manifest as inner tension in the body. Through sharing and exploration, we examine this bodily tension and then work to release it through guided meditation. By illuminating the relationship between stress and bodily tension, students deepen their understanding of how exterior obstacles are internalized within the body and how they can be released through the light of awareness. 

Understanding Flow States

In this exercise, we explore deeper into the mind and flow states—or states of being where a sense of time drops away and one is totally absorbed into the activity (e.g. skiing, fishing, climbing). Through guided meditation, we take participants into an experience of flow states, and then discuss the importance of these states and how they differ from “ordinary mind.” We use these contrasting experiences to enhance the students understanding of the nature of mind and how it can change from activity to activity.

Pointing out the Nature of Mind

In daily life we commonly experience and perceive life as a series of thoughts, feelings and sensations, with little consideration for who is perceiving. Here we explore the relationship of the mind to perception, and specifically into the nature of the independence of the larger awareness that is aware of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. This simple shift in perception is the beginning ground for understanding the true nature of the mind.

Grounding in Experience

Life is full of daily moment-to-moment challenges that appear as obstacles to the ordinary mind. Here we work with the mind and build upon previous exercises. We engage students in experiencing the timeless and boundless aspect of Awake awareness to see for themselves how any challenge can be viewed as a cloud on the canvas of the sky of the mind.

Leadership Insight and Wisdom

Our modern world emphasizes judging things and situations in dualistic terms (i.e. good/bad). However, great freedom can be found in experiencing the world without labels and judgements (like a child viewing a temple). We guide students through an exercise of what it would be like to be born without labels or names. From this direct experience, we examine how that relates to wise leadership (i.e. viewing situations in a more neutral, objective all-sides perspective). 

Leading through Compassionate Action

In the final module, we bring together all previous exercises into a concluding experience of the mind’s innate clarity and wisdom and the sky of the mind. We work with students to integrate their experience into the fabric of personal growth and leadership. We emphasize the clear nature of mind separate from thoughts, feelings and sensations, and the benefits of living and leading from the sky of the mind.

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What Our Students are Saying

Holly and Stephen’s meditation class provides a unique approach to meditation that is different from what I have previously experienced. I have learned that failing is impossible in meditation and this gives me the ability to experience a whole new side of myself through these practices. The openness of the course allows conversation that really helps engage a teenage audience.

AbbyHigh School Student

Stephen and Holly do an awesome job leading this course. I have had discussions about ethics and values in the past, but when its just a discussion I usually forget about any lessons soon after. This course combines thoughts and reflections with meditation in a way that lets me retain and utilize my newfound knowledge and I have gone from a meditation skeptic to a believer. I also end each class feeling zen and very relaxed.

JeremyHigh School Student

The Enlightened Leaders 10 week mediation course has served as a unique and valuable opportunity to center both my mind and body. I have learned about finding a greater awareness, which has become a daily tool to getting outside of my thoughts and seeing how everyone’s energy is connected. Specifically, I have also really enjoyed getting to go through the experience with other teenagers because the conversations and brilliant insights I hear every week are one of my favourite aspects of the program!

Sophie THigh School Student