Enlightened Leadership

This groundbreaking accelerator will provide you with the tools and protocols to awaken your Enlightened Leadership capacity.


The world is transforming faster than ever before. Many feel a growing sense of powerlessness and fear due to mounting global complexity, uncertainty, and volatility. 

Our capacity to envision and implement meaningful change may seem distant, yet the fundamental base of the transformation we seek lies within. This program confronts these fears head on, blending mind training techniques rooted in ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience to build the ground of your own inner transformation. We use secular methods to guide you on the path of profound awakening, inner stability and peace. With renewed inner strength and confidence, we guide you with tools and techniques to improve your own life and the lives of others through empowered and effective leadership.

Program Objectives

In this groundbreaking experiential program, we take you on a journey of mind and consciousness. Our objective is to support your inner transformation towards awakening and enlighten the leadership of yourself and others. In each module, we map out the territory of the mind and consciousness. We explore the transformative power of awake awareness through cutting edge protocols and biofeedback. As you directly touch and become familiar with this being – your consciousness – we help you awaken into the knowing, stable awareness of yourself. We explore the depths of an Enlightened Leader, enabling a resilient, creative and optimised way of being and leading. We explore how stabilizing this awareness can help you in every aspect of life from day-to-day decision-making and relationships to what it means to lead from awake awareness.

Program Modules

The course format includes 10 weekly modules of 2 hours of online sessions. Overview’s of each module are described below.

Welcome to supportive Leadership Transformation

This module covers the high-level ground of the Conscious Accelerator program and offer a program of refuge and support within the current climate of uncertainty.

We outline the cornerstones of the program, including our cutting-edge protocols and how we harness direct experience and biofeedback to enable your rapid transformation. We explain how you will be guided into greater clarity, agility, stability, resilience, and compassion in your capacity as a leader through this deeply experiential program

You will leave this program with a better understanding of yourself and how you relate to the world as a leader on the path of stable effective partnership, what we call the Enlightened Leadership Path.

Who is an Enlightened Leader?

This module introduces the concept of “Enlightened Leadership” and why it is beneficial for you and your business.

Enlightened Leaders are trustworthy, resilient and compassionate individuals with the capacity to empower the dynamic of individuals and the institutions they influence. This becomes their competitive advantage.

We demonstrate how enlightened leaders impact eight dynamic measures of business success for innovative solutions to world problems.

We share the latest research and techniques in accelerating consciousness in the workplace, including how to effectively deal with uncertainty and stress.

Discovering the Self - who you truly are

In this module, we explain how our limited and mistaken understanding of the self creates the conditions for our own suffering. We deconstruct the self and guide you into a direct experience of a liberated mind.

Next, we dive deep into neuroscience and biohacking to discover the neural correlates of a liberated mind. In addition, through effortless practices derived from ancient traditions, you discover your true Self – the stable ground for clarity, agility, stability, resilience, and compassion.

This becomes your access to the Enlightened Leadership Path.

Discover your Natural Mind

In this module, we go deeper into the nature of a liberated mind.

Without the ability to maintain clarity and stability with a calm abiding mind, leaders typically report distraction and burnout. With guidance, you deepen your access to the essence of the natural mind and experience living from this liberated awareness instead of “ordinary mind.”

Now, unburdened you cultivate an effortless state of being.

Living your Realization

The art of balancing a natural effortless way of being amidst chaos is a crucial skill on the Enlightened Leadership Path. We continue our journey of learning to live fully from a state of elevated consciousness and innate wisdom of mind. We explore the protocols together to accelerate your awakened awareness and effectively move you from states of awakening to traits of enlightenment.

You learn about how coherence and synchrony in the brain stabilize these waking states and how you literally rewire your brain for an awakened state of consciousness.

The Ghosts in your Machine

Unconscious patterns run you.

While most of us are adept at handling issues that we are aware of, what happens when we have been hijacked by issues from the past or concerns of the future that we cannot seem to identify?

We introduce simple processes that allow you to discover and integrate the subconscious blocks that stand in your way. These blocks are the ghosts in your machine. Dancing with them is part of the Enlightened Path.

Awakened problem solving to deal with uncertainty

An enlightened leader holds their problems lightly.

Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.” You as a leader will expand your consciousness to solve more complex problems.

In this module you elevate your problem-solving consciousness. You look through the prism of a higher consciousness to discover an entirely new view. From this view, solutions reveal themselves from inside the problem.

Awakened Organizational Culture

Your awakening has the potential to radically change your organization. 

From your newly awakened state, we train you to change the way you relate to the people you lead and implement practices into your organisation that accelerates your team’s productivity, safety and inclusion. By awakening the consciousness of your organization, group performance and resilience measurably improves. 

This enables a culture of highly engaged, authentically connected employees that rise to challenges and transcend limitations. Together we develop innovative solutions to business and world challenges. 

Stabilising your awakening in your organisation

Just as you have learned to dance with the ghosts in your own machine, we will now dance with the ghosts in the organisational machine. In this module we peel away potential obstacles to bring awakened wisdom to the rest of your organisation. This is a good thing.

Enlightened Leadership as a work of art

Your leadership like your life is a work of art. In this module, we explore the organic unfolding of life and leadership as a work of art on the canvas of your organisation. 

From this way of being you experience clarity, agility, stability, resilience and compassion and how best to bring this to your organisation and entire life.

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What Our Students are Saying

Holly and Stephen’s meditation class provides a unique approach to meditation that is different from what I have previously experienced. I have learned that failing is impossible in meditation and this gives me the ability to experience a whole new side of myself through these practices. The openness of the course allows conversation that really helps engage a teenage audience.

AbbyHigh School Student

Stephen and Holly do an awesome job leading this course. I have had discussions about ethics and values in the past, but when its just a discussion I usually forget about any lessons soon after. This course combines thoughts and reflections with meditation in a way that lets me retain and utilize my newfound knowledge and I have gone from a meditation skeptic to a believer. I also end each class feeling zen and very relaxed.

JeremyHigh School Student

The Enlightened Leaders 10 week mediation course has served as a unique and valuable opportunity to center both my mind and body. I have learned about finding a greater awareness, which has become a daily tool to getting outside of my thoughts and seeing how everyone’s energy is connected. Specifically, I have also really enjoyed getting to go through the experience with other teenagers because the conversations and brilliant insights I hear every week are one of my favourite aspects of the program!

Sophie THigh School Student