Positive transformational Leadership from within.

We are awakening into

a new future together

from within.

Serial entrepreneur, venture and consciousness hacker Constantine Georgiou partners with three other uniquely qualified individuals to offer pathways of illuminated leadership.  Human Potential coach and research scientist, Holly Copeland focuses on personal and cognitive performance critical to leadership development. Ian Haycroft, uses the tools of kinesiology and a lifetime of business experience to help leaders face the elements of their life experience that unconsciously limit them.  Liberation practitioner from the heart essence traditions, Stephen Altair awakens for each leader an entirely new awareness of the infinite possibilities of enlightened leadership through transformation, neurotech and cutting-edge protocols.

Constantine brings his vast experience in building conscious leaders and cultures from his own business success and impact on 400 startups into this unique accelerator experience alongside Holly’s focus on personal cognitive performance and biohacking, Ian’s experience with energy to clear unconscious blocks in the real world and Stephen’s meditation and real-world insights through ancient traditions mean you can use the unlimited potential of your business awareness to put Conscious Accelerator concepts to work immediately.

This means you can put Conscious Accelerator concepts to work immediately and build a business aligned with your deepest passions and a better world.

In our experience, conscious leadership and entrepreneurial teams are more successful in the long run.

Across the 8 key domains of business success, mature leaders who demonstrate heightened awareness, adaptability, resilience, leadership and sustainability overcame more volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity than less mature leaders.

We believe conscious leadership is a competitive advantage. It is our mission to scale this transformation and impact across the globe. Enlightened leadership is the most necessary ingredient to a global transformation.

The Conscious Accelerator’s distinctive approach to leadership transformation sets it apart. Our expert team offers deep insights into how to illuminate your business from within, create awakened group dynamics, heart-based loyalty, accelerated creativity, visionary potential in all your staff, and a new “view” of resilience, security and the competitive role of achievement.

You will exit the Conscious Accelerator with a clearly articulated vision of your own role as an enlightened leader, game-changing ideas for illuminating the space of the minds within your organization and new models for achieving excellence within your culture and brand and the tools for inspiring others to do the same. The old models no longer serve us. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that we need to wake up and transform the globe on a scale never seen before.